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Reflection, encouragement, and relationship building are all important aspects of getting a new habit to stick.
Share thoughts, encourage others, and reinforce positive new habits on the Feed.

To get started, share “your why.” Why did you join the challenge and choose the actions you did?

  • Amina Bahanni's avatar
    Amina Bahanni 4/23/2024 7:55 AM
    I have followed multiple actions, this has helped me improve my understanding of my surroundings and help people around me

  • Tiffany Hang's avatar
    Tiffany Hang 3/04/2020 3:49 PM
    I need to remember to post! 

  • Amenah Ahmed's avatar
    Amenah Ahmed 3/04/2020 11:08 AM
    Since last week and the beginning of this week, I completed all of my challenges successfully. I use only reusable water bottles that I refill. I also eat less meat, only once in a week or so. Furthermore, i reduced wastes and recycled as much as possible.

  • Tanner Pacheco's avatar
    Tanner Pacheco 3/04/2020 11:08 AM
    The ecochallenge is going well, I have been directly inputting the lessons of the book into my daily life. However, I have been not consistent with actively posting about my actions. 

  • Amenah Ahmed's avatar
    Amenah Ahmed 3/04/2020 11:05 AM
    Last week and the beginning of this week I completed all of the challenges successfully.

  • Tyler Ballenger's avatar
    Tyler Ballenger 3/04/2020 11:04 AM
    My challenge isn’t going that great, I often forget about it tbh. However, there are random times that I see something and think of how sustainable it is or isn’t.

  • Tiffany Hang's avatar
    Tiffany Hang 2/25/2020 7:57 PM
    Possible solution to overconsumption per capita: One solution for overconsumption around the world is encouraging people to utilize services that allow you to rent clothes/accessories/etc so that you are recycling clothing items. This decreases consumption in the world when people are reusing/recycling items. 

  • Tiffany Hang's avatar
    Tiffany Hang 2/25/2020 7:55 PM
    Possible solution to overpopulation: I would think that a solution for overcrowding populations in the world, would be having the governments around the world implement federal/state incentives for families who have two children or less. 

  • Chris Lane Jr.'s avatar
    Chris Lane Jr. 2/21/2020 11:59 AM
    Overconsumption: awareness of our bodies and what they need to function would definitely impact overconsumption. One thing we spoke about was nutrition- if every person was aware of BFP, how to calculate it as well as the science behind food we would have a much more sustainable grocer consumer industry. Meaning the businesses that sell unsustainable and unhealthy products would lose money and have less items on the shelves.  We would be able to develop more local farms, and more technologies surrounding feeding the population because funding could be used for the things people want.. which is good health.. ran out of time / not a full thought

  • Amenah Ahmed's avatar
    Amenah Ahmed 2/21/2020 11:36 AM
    As a team, we decided that if we educate people in less wealthy countries about reproductive services and nutrition, it can solve the problem of over-consumption and it can lower the population and can show how much we overeat and how much we waste.