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Move Beyond the Hype

Explore sustainability more deeply at individual, societal, and global perspectives, and discover new ways of living and together, make change more possible and powerful.
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Sustainability is a complex and contested concept, but at its essence represents the hope for a healthy, just and bright future for us all. We offer Choices for Sustainable Living as an opportunity to move beyond the hype to explore sustainability more deeply. The course focuses less on defining sustainability than envisioning sustainability – what would a sustainable world look like? And how can we create it together?

Each category below is mapped to each session in your book, and contains actions for putting your knowledge into practice.

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  • October 25 at 5:39 PM
    This weekend I ran out of paper towels. Instead of buying more paper towels just to later throw them away, I have started to use old rags instead. This is pretty nice since I can use one rag instead of 3 or 4 paper towels for the same thing and I just wash them with my other towels instead of throw them away. Whether it is more sustainable to...
  • October 25 at 12:19 PM
    This week eco-challenge is collecting rain water and make uses out of it. For example, with so many water being waste in my planting and bathroom. why not replace those with rain water. So I got a regular huge bucket made out of woods. Then I put it where the water falling down from the roof tops. Once the bucket is full I move it to larger...
  • October 24 at 2:59 PM
    I'll be honest, this week was a crazy week for me and I had little time to think about my impact on our world. That being said, I had family visit over the weekend and I made a point to show them around areas of Portland by using the Light Rail system instead of driving everywhere. I was able to reduce the amount of emissions but also support...