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Explore sustainability more deeply at individual, societal, and global perspectives, and discover new ways of living and together, make change more possible and powerful.
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Sustainability is a complex and contested concept, but at its essence represents the hope for a healthy, just and bright future for us all. We offer Choices for Sustainable Living as an opportunity to move beyond the hype to explore sustainability more deeply. The course focuses less on defining sustainability than envisioning sustainability – what would a sustainable world look like? And how can we create it together?

Each category below is mapped to each session in your book, and contains actions for putting your knowledge into practice.

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  • January 9 at 9:49 PM
    Okay, now the bad news. From Singapore to D.C. to Lagos: Global Thinkers on Ideas That Died in 2018 (CityLab)  Obituary for sustainability (1987 - 2018) Why has sustainability proven insufficient, at least as currently practiced by the majority of us who claim to subscribe to it? Perhaps in part because... sustainability has largely been...
  • January 9 at 9:40 PM
    Hey Sustainable Ballard group, we missed this story by one day!  Climate change: 'Right to repair' gathers force (BBC News)  It is frustrating: you buy a new appliance then just after the warranty runs out, it gives up the ghost.You can’t repair it and can’t find anyone else to at a decent price, so it joins the global mountain of junk.You’re...
  • January 4 at 12:55 PM
    I support local businesses all the time and it made me happy that it was one of the challenges for consumption and economy section. I always make a point visit a local coffee shop once a week before work instead of going to Starbucks. My goal for the new year is to stop using straws and I actually started carrying a reusable straw in my purse.