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Reflection, encouragement, and relationship building are all important aspects of getting a new habit to stick.
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To get started, share “your why.” Why did you join the challenge and choose the actions you did?

  • Rosie Migsan's avatar
    Rosie Migsan 12/03/2023 8:30 AM
    Please reflect on your experiences in the class. Be sure to include up to three things that worked well and up to three things that could be improved.

    Things that worked:
    1. The videos and readings allowed for critical thinking
    2. Assignments were all displayed ahead of time
    3. The class allowed for personal growth into contribution of society- The Eco Challenges

    Things that could be improved: I would not say that there are things that could be improved in the class, rather my observations of areas I could have done better
    1. The materials were given ahead of time which should have allowed for better planning on my end. However, while I planned, I didn't necessarily plan for the amount of time should be allocated for each reading. I think I was a bit ambitious when it cam to some of the readings. Meaning, for some, I thought, I could get them done in a couple of days. But do to the length, and the time I allocated, this was enough
    2. I would have like more videos. I am a visual and hands on learner. I understand better when I can see a speaker talking about the subject. They sometimes will have their own visuals displayed which allows for better understanding.
    3. Group project- In the team it got a bit confusing when organizing who was to do what assignment. This was mainly because we didn't know who was still in the group. In our group we had a team member give a great idea but never heard from him again. At the end we just assumed he was no longer in the class, However, it would have saved a lot of back and forth had we known this person was no longer in the group.

    Overall, I really did enjoy the class. I was really surprised to enjoy some of the readings. They were really informative and at some points I even brought them up at work and in conversation amongst family and friends.

  • Aurora Sarabia-Santoyo's avatar
    Aurora Sarabia-Santoyo 12/02/2023 10:41 AM
    Please reflect on your experiences in the class. Be sure to include up to three things that worked well and up to three things that could be improved.
    My experience in this class has been great, I have learned a lot about sustainability, and it has encouraged me even more to try to live a more sustainable lifestyle. The three things that worked well for me were the blogs, the readings, and overall, the class content. The blogs worked well because they made me think about what I can do to live a more sustainable life, they also made me learn about other stuff I could do that I didn’t think about before. The readings helped me better understand sustainability and learn more about how certain things, like non sustainable products affect the world we live in and how they are affecting the natural resources people use to live. As mentioned before, this class has taught me more about sustainability and most importantly it has encouraged me to look for ways to change to a more sustainable lifestyle. The things I considered could be improved is the interaction with the blog, I think it was great sharing our experiences and thoughts on our posts, but I also think having more interaction might help. For example, creating challenges or activities that we must do would be a good idea. I think it would help us to try to complete our challenges. I personally think just having more interaction with the blog website could be improved, other than that I think this class has been great. I enjoyed learning more about sustainability and sharing my thoughts and experiences.

  • Rosie Migsan's avatar
    Rosie Migsan 11/26/2023 10:02 AM
    Reflect on your experience with the EcoChallenge. Were you able to meet all the challenges?

    I was able to meet all my challenges except for one. I wanted to volunteer at either a soup kitchen or something in my community that gives back. In the past, I have volunteered for " God's Love we Deliver". During Thanksgiving and Christmas I would drive to each location given to me to deliver food for those who were unable to buy food around the holidays, or for those who didn't have family. I have not been able to do that this year.

    What was unexpectedly easy or challenging?

    I would say, that I found places to buy reusable goods/donated goods and walks for say Alzheimer's to be easier to find. I am not sure if it was because I was looking but everything seemed to fall into place. The stores that we went to and found donated items were easily found. And I did not expect to find an organization to walk for (donation) to be found. Usually it is something I want to do, but I never have the time to really look it up. I found out my job was doing one of these and I felt sad that I had too much school work to catch up on and had missed my chance. And then, by chance while in Connecticut, we drove by a sign that said there was a walk coming up, and I thought, this is a sign (pun intended). I was able to rearrange my schedule and make it work.

    Be sure to identify at least one challenge that you would like to attempt in the future. Why did you choose this one?

    I want to be able to volunteer at an organization. I choose this because I remember the joy I felt when doing it. I remember seeing the smiles of those who felt grateful that someone was thinking of them. I also remember being surrounded by people who were just happy to help others. In a world where we are constantly thinking about making ends meet and the chaos of everyday life, there was a sense of peace in the community. There was an unspoken agreement that what we have is right now. And we are here helping others not for money but because it is important for everyone to feel valued and like human beings. I miss being surrounded by that feeling.

  • Manuel Guerrero's avatar
    Manuel Guerrero 11/25/2023 4:28 PM
    Last week, I attended the New York State Democratic Committee meeting, I was excited the members vote on a resolution calling for climate justice and green renewal. This is huge step for all New Yorkers since temperature above 90 degrees are expected
    to double by 2050.

  • Aurora Sarabia-Santoyo's avatar
    Aurora Sarabia-Santoyo 11/19/2023 8:14 PM
    Reflect on your experience with the Choices for Sustainable Living. Were you able to meet all the challenges? What was unexpectedly easy or challenging? Be sure to identify at least one challenge that you would like to attempt in the future. Why did you choose this one?
    My experience with Choices for Sustainable Living has been great. I have learned a lot about living a more sustainable life and most importantly it has encouraged me to continue with my journey to change to a more sustainable lifestyle. Unfortunately, I was not able to meet all the challenges, because changes take time. I believe that its more challenging to make the change after spending so many years living a non-sustainable life. For that reason, I think it would take time to adjust to the change. For example, consuming more organic ingredients, is a bit more challenging because I am used to consuming the foods/ingredients I have consumed since I was a child. Also, the prices of organic ingredients make it difficult. The consumption of more organic ingredients is the challenge I would like to continue to attempt, and my goal is to succeed in changing to more organic ingredients. I choose this challenge because it not only helps with the reduction of environmental impact, but it could help with my health. Recently my father had health issues and he is going through a transition on his diet. So, I have been researching organic ingredients and learning how more organic ingredients are more beneficial for the health. Therefore, the consumption of more organic ingredients is the challenge I would like to continue to attempt.

  • Nafisa Roja's avatar
    Nafisa Roja 11/16/2023 7:21 PM
    Reflecting on my experience with Choices for Sustainable Living, I found that while I was able to adopt several sustainable practices like using reusable bottles, walking more often, practicing zero-waste cooking, and opting for organic ingredients, there were certain challenges and aspects that stood out during this journey. Using reusable bottles was relatively easy and became a natural habit, contributing to reducing single-use plastics. Walking instead of using transport not only promoted sustainability but also encouraged a healthier lifestyle, surprisingly becoming easier as I adapted to the city's walkable neighborhoods and public transportation system.

    However, supporting local food systems presented challenges. While I aimed to prioritize local produce and support nearby farmers' markets, the accessibility and availability of such options were limited at times. Finding local, sustainable produce and foods in a city like New York proved to be more challenging than anticipated due to convenience and cost factors. This aspect of supporting local food systems is something I would like to focus on in the future. I chose this challenge because I believe in the importance of reducing carbon footprints associated with food transportation, supporting local economies, and promoting fresher, healthier food options.

    Despite the challenges, I recognize the significance of this sustainable choice and its potential impact on the environment and local communities. By supporting local food systems, I can contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, fostering community resilience, and promoting a more sustainable and ethical food ecosystem. In the future, I aim to explore better ways to access and incorporate locally sourced foods into my daily consumption, contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle and supporting the vibrant local food culture.

  • Aurora Sarabia-Santoyo's avatar
    Aurora Sarabia-Santoyo 11/11/2023 10:39 AM
    Calculate your carbon footprint here . Report on the findings in your blog. What improvements could you make easily?
    When calculating my carbon footprint, I found it a bit difficult because I live in an apartment building and some of the information required, I didn’t know or there are things we don’t pay separately, like the gas. I still completed the calculation with what I think is used in the building, my calculation total came up to 8,066. Another reason why I found it a bit challenging is because some things are difficult to do, for example laundry is done at a laundromat making it difficult to bring the clothes to the apartment without drying, plus there is nowhere to hang it inside the apartment. Also, there is an ongoing project in the building I live in. A non-profit organization is working with the building to improve the housing conditions. Based on what I was told, as part of the project certain changes are to a more sustainable option. For example, so far, all the windows were changed, the lighting was changed to LED lights, and there was a solar panel placed on the rooftop (although they have yet to finish installing it). And we were told our refrigerator would be replaced by an energy saving one.

  • Veronica Kowchai's avatar
    Veronica Kowchai 11/08/2023 5:59 PM
    Your Current Total -10,438
    New Total After Your Planned Actions -4,597
    U.S. Average -66,746
    Based on the carbon footprint calculator my household (4 person) CO2 Emissions is 10,428 which is lower than the U.S. average.
    The following are suggestions I can do to reduce my CO2 emissions. This will also save me money.
    Turn down heating thermostat on winter nights by 2℉
    Turn up A/C thermostat in summer by 5℉
    Replace 8 incandescent light bulbs with ENERGY STAR lights
    Enable the power management features on your computer
    Replace your furnace or boiler with ENERGY STAR models
    Replace your window with ENERGY STAR models
    Use Green Power for 10% of your electricity
    Replace Vehicle 1 with one that gets MPG
    Your Estimated Totals savings: | $350 | 5,841 lbs.
    I can easily make the following changes:
    Replace 8 incandescent light bulbs with ENERGY STAR lights
    Energy Star lights are more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. They use up to 75% less energy and can last up to 25 times longer. This can result in significant energy savings and lower electricity bills and is designed to provide high-quality light output. Energy Star lights may have a higher cost compared to incandescent bulbs but have longer lifespan and lower energy consumption can result in cost savings over time. I will spend less on replacement bulbs and see a reduction in electricity bills.

    Enable the power management features on your computer
    Power management features allow computers to enter sleep or hibernate mode when it's not in use. This helps reduce energy consumption and can result in significant energy savings over time.
    Turn down heating thermostat on winter nights by 2℉
    Lowering the thermostat by 2 degrees can significantly reduce energy consumption and lower your heating bills. By using less energy for heating, you can reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable environment.

  • Manuel Guerrero's avatar
    Manuel Guerrero 11/08/2023 1:35 PM
    So far so good. This week I am attending the Somos legislative conference in Puerto Rico. Like every year, i am excited for the community service that its usually done on Friday the 10th. Here is the project that i will be attending to help.

    Coalición Restauración Ecosistemas Santurcinos, Puerto Rico

    CRES, the Coalición Restauración de Ecosistemas Santurcinos, is a nonprofit working in Puerto Rico towards restoration and conservations of the natural environment. Their projects have included working on conservation for the coral reefs and dunes, reforestation, cleaning the coastlines and implementing better recycling systems!

    Their Bucaré Urban Garden (BUG) is an urban-community garden and nursery in San Juan, located in the Punta Las Marías area. The site is also used to offer workshops in propagation of plants, bioconstruction, composting and permaculture, and other topics.

    Forest Community, Skateboard Park, Punta las Marias and Community Garden

    Things To Know

    Clothing: sun protection, water bottles, closed shoes (NO sandals)

    You may get wet

    This site is outdoors


    • Skate Park: support skaters in the reconstruction of a ramp, building trash can from wood pallets, painting walls and educational signs
    • Coastal Forest: planting, removing grass, coastal cleanup.
    • Green Garden: transplanting and preparing compost

    This Site Is Proudly Co-Sponsored by

    The New York Botanical Garden

    New York City Council

  • Nafisa Roja's avatar
    Nafisa Roja 11/08/2023 10:25 AM
    Living in a rented apartment in a city like New York often poses challenges when it comes to making environmentally friendly changes. Despite these limitations, there are several simple yet impactful steps I can take to reduce my carbon footprint and contribute to a greener planet.

    Let's break down some modifications based on the data, focusing on practical and feasible actions suitable for my apartment living that can be made easily:

    1. Switch to Energy-Efficient Lighting: Even in a rented space, I can replace incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient options like LED or ENERGY STAR-rated bulbs. Not only will this reduce energy consumption, but it's a cost-effective change that's easily reversible. In my house we have eight lights that have already been replaced by Energy star bulbs. Replacing eight incandescent light bulbs with Energy Star lights saves me $32 and there is a 165Ibs CO2 reduction according to the calculation.
    2. Optimize Electronics: Enabling power management features on my computer is a small adjustment that can make a difference in energy savings. Simple changes in energy settings can significantly reduce my carbon footprint. Enabling the power management features on your computer could save me $13 and there would be a 67lbs CO2 reduction.
    3. Laundry Adjustments: Washing clothes in cold water and utilizing a clothesline or drying rack instead of a dryer can considerably cut down energy usage. These alterations are within my control and can be applied easily in a rented apartment. Washing my clothes in cold water can save my family $12 and the CO2 reduction would be 62Ibs.
    4. Recycling: While I am already recycling plastic, aluminum, and steel cans which reduce 375lbs usage of CO2. I am expanding my efforts and including newspapers, glass, magazines, and other materials can further reduce waste and positively impact the environment by 498lbs reduction of CO2.
    Acknowledging the limitations of my living situation is essential. For instance, when living in a rented apartment in a city like New York, options like changing the energy source to green power or replacing heating systems might be beyond my control. However, focusing on adjustments that don't require structural changes or landlord permissions is the key to making a meaningful impact.

    Making eco-friendly changes in a rented apartment in a city like New York can be challenging, but there are still several easily achievable improvements my family made to reduce our environmental impact. We reduce food waste by planning meals, buying only what we need, and properly storing leftovers. My family owns an EV car, use public transportation, or walk whenever possible which is possible because of the good transportation system in New York City.

    It's important to note that small individual actions collectively create a significant impact on the environment. While certain changes might not be viable due to our living circumstances, there are still plenty of adjustments that can be made within those limitations.