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    ava gannon 12/10/2019 12:00 PM
    Ava Gannon
    F block Sustainability
    Interview with a person 20 yrs older: I chose to interview my next-door neighbor, a drummer and an artist who works with my dad. 
    As far as what they used to make and repair, he said that since there weren't cell phones to call anyone at any time people were more handy - they knew how to fix simple things around the house such as locks or electric circuits.  You wouldn't call to have someone come fix something every time something went wrong, you would try to fix it yourself or have a friend or neighbor come over. He talked about neighbors and how you knew your neighbors a lot more because of reasons like this. He told me that you didn't throw away anything nearly as much, you kept spare parts and manuals to help you later. Food seemed to be one of the biggest shifts to him, that people were so wasteful now, and food is so easily accessible today. Going to get food used to be a weekly affair, and you only got what you absolutely needed. Eric lived in rural Ohio, and so he said his whole family learned how to provide for themselves at a very young age - growing food, fixing what you could, and even making some of their clothing. He said today's world is totally different - you can buy anything at any time, order anything online, communicate with your friends from anywhere in the world. He mostly misses the personalness that came with human interactions that people can so easily avoid these days.

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    ava gannon 12/10/2019 9:25 AM
    Eco-Challenge -  Supporting local business. For this eco-challenge io decided to support more local businesses, and I started out with my local gas station instead of all the chains in Santa Fe like Allsups. The local gas station is owned by a family who has run this gas station for a very long time and who I know need the money more than the chains. I also chose to support the local grocery store in Madrid, even though it's a lot more expensive than most stores.

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    javier marquez 12/10/2019 8:09 AM
    Javier Márquez Almeida
    Block F 

    In my interview, I decided to interview my mom. My mom grew up in a rural area Chihuahua México with my great-grandma and grandpa. They would raise cattle and grow corn my great grandparents would sell their harvest to the local supermarkets.

           One of the questions I asked my mom was what were some of the things they would do for entertainment? Her answer to my question was that she and her cousins gather around and play games outside and enjoy the outdoors. I thought this was very interesting to see how much society has changed from binging an extremely social society to a  more antisocial society where 50% of the time we communicate with each other through cell phone’s and more and more people have started to buy them even for their 5-year-old children. 

    The second question I asked her was what would they do for food? Her response was that they would eat off the land that they would kill a cow or chicken and vegetables that would grow them themselves. It’s strange to think how dependent we are on supermarkets and restaurants that if that would disappear most of us wouldn’t know how to grow our own food or how to prepare a freshly killed chicken. 
    The interview with my mom showed me how much we depend on technology and mass production to mantén us not only from starving to death but by keeping us connected with family and friends.

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    Savannah Palmer 12/06/2019 1:08 PM
    For my eco-challenge I wanted to ¨SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES: I will buy from local businesses instead of shopping online.¨ Instead of buying dog treats from trader joes, which is where I usually go, I decided to buy dog treats from a place called Marty's Meals. They sell meats and bones from animals that were from local farms. Martyś meals is just down the street from trader joes, so it wasn´t really out of my way to go. My dogs loved their new treats way more than their usual treats. The bones also last a lot longer than any treat I have gotten anywhere else. Marty´s meals were significantly more expensive, but my dog was so happy so it was worth it 

  • javier marquez 's avatar
    javier marquez 12/05/2019 7:09 AM
    Javier Marquez Almeida 
    Block F 

       During this week I have been explaining to my fellow classmates w/ what aquaponics is and how it works and how much better it is for our environment than traditional agriculture. This showed me that I could educate some of my friends and classmates on how we could help the environment by being more sustainable with our water and food. 
    I felt like I was doing something good for my community and that I was somewhat helping the world by showing people about aquaponics. I also learned that I could educate my community about aquaponics. I guess this is one of the ways that I could help save our planet that is slowly being destroyed by pollution and to reduce CO2 from the atmosphere.

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    Savannah Palmer 11/12/2019 10:15 AM
    One of the eco challenges I completed was to pick up trash. I´ve been picking up trash around the neighborhood. Iḿ basically doing the homeowner associations job by making the neighborhood look pretty.  I also try to keep an eye out for trash around schoolI try to pick up as much trash as  I see. I also like to help Leslie by picking up trays that people leave behind. Itś shocking to see how many people litter and leave their dirty dishes lying around. The green team has been looking for solutions to make our community cleaner. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

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    Denise Terrazas 11/08/2019 8:49 PM
    Within my community I helped  around my neighborhood,  we have a man living across from my house. And he is always alone and lives alone, he is very sweet he brings my family baked goods and fresh vegetables.  And for my community thing was to sit with someone for lunch or invite over someone for dinner. My idea was to invite our neighbor over for dinner and which made it more community like that it wasnt just me it was my whole family that helped out with dinner and had dinner with. which made it more better cause im sure he does not have a family and he really did appercitae that we did that for him and it made us feel better.

  • ava gannon's avatar
    ava gannon 11/08/2019 1:22 PM
    More response to Eco challenge: How can I being more involved to contribute to a fair and sustainable community - I think I could contribute more too this by joining a local community that helps; possibly the fire department or something similar. Communities become stronger when there's more input from the people their choices would effect. 

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    Jamie Lujan 11/08/2019 1:03 PM
    To help be more aware of  my community this week I started hanging out with different people and trying my best to include everyone into our community more. I began starting this week to meet new people and just try and be more of a positive person in general to try and lift other people’s moods when I wasn't feeling very well at all. I feel like throughout this week of the eco challenge having to do with community, I have begun to know many more of my classmates and just more people around my community much better and I feel like I have become a more open person to new things, people, and experiences. Another thing that I started to do this week was to be more aware of just how everyone is a small part of the community and the bigger picture, but we all make it up and we are all super important in our own ways. 
    To help my community I was not just more social, but I also tried to be more aware of the messes in our community and how to clean them up. In becoming more aware, I found myself doing little things such as cleaning up after a volleyball game or even picking up other peoples utensils and plates around Monte when I see that people left them behind somewhere instead of just putting them back into the bin or in the kitchen. 
    I really enjoyed this eco challenge and just overall becoming a larger part of the community through small actions and deeds. 

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    cain sotelo 11/08/2019 10:02 AM
    Cain sotelo 
    Rhonda Crespo 
    F block

    In my area there is a very low opportunity of jobs because its not as close to the city. There is more houses  the business by where I live not much work only sometimes construction. For education there is a 70% of people to graduate in four years of school. In my higher percentage i have 76% of people having higher power line speed which means that some people get over megabytes per second.