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Sheridan's Sustainability Crusaders


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A Call to Sustainability

Talk To Others

I will tell 5 people why sustainability is important to me and what my vision for a sustainable world is.


A Call to Sustainability

Research Local Organizations

I will learn what local organizations are working on sustainability issues and how I can get involved.


A Call to Sustainability

Sign a Petition

I will sign petitions in support of an environmental or social initiative in my state.


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    Manuel Guerrero 9/25/2023 9:13 PM
    The class is going great, taking action to make thing happening by cleaning up the neighborhood.

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    Manuel Guerrero 9/16/2023 9:26 PM
    how's your choices for sustainable living discussion course going?

    From my reading I learned that sustainability and corporate responsibility are constantly changing over time to reflect the different issues and concerns that affect people and the planet. The text traces the origins and development of these ideas, and how they are related to various aspects of society, such as the environment, human rights, labor practices, consumer protection, and democracy. It also explores how businesses can benefit from embracing these values and addressing the needs and aspirations of their diverse stakeholders.

    I Just began this week but is going amazing. I am a community, political and labor activist. I work for an international Union, and my work is my lifestyle, therefore I feel very familiar with the project. We work in areas that make up today's sustainability movement from workers’ rights, the environment, community relations, responsible investment, and others. We pass legislation to improve workers’ writing, we organize workplace around social, economic and safety issues. We invest millions of dollars in pension funds in markets that are labor friendly or markets with high social responsibility. We work close to consumer protection and other government agencies to make sure existing protection laws are enforced and when there is none we create. We passed legislation to reduce chemical use in the carwash industry, after learning that workers were getting sick from being exposed to chemicals, but also the water was getting contaminated with. We promote civil rights and liberties and progressive elected officials who can make a difference in government.