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Grant Benesh

Capstone winter 23

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Use Reusable Bottles

I will use a reusable bottle and stop purchasing bottled water, saving 5 disposable plastic bottle(s) each day this week.

One-Time Action


Weekly Meal Planning

I will reduce food waste and save money by planning a weekly menu, only buying the ingredients I need.

One-Time Action

Ecological Principles

Reduce My Footprint

I will calculate my ecological footprint and talk with my family or roommates about way we can reduce our negative enviromental impact.

One-Time Action

A Call to Sustainability

Explore My Area

I will explore at least one new hiking trail or nature walk in my area.

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  • Grant Benesh's avatar
    Grant Benesh 1/29/2023 9:44 PM
    For this week's eco-challenge I tried to plan and prepare food in advance that would cover me for the week. I ended up eating a lot of rice, proteins, and vegetables for my main meals. I got yogurts and fruits for breakfast and snacks in between. It was tough sticking to my plan because sometimes I would underestimate or overestimate how much food I needed throughout the day. It took a lot of trial and error, but it did feel good to be able to cook all at once and then not really have to worry about it throughout the week.

    • Stacey Alcott's avatar
      Stacey Alcott 1/30/2023 6:53 PM
      Did you have enough variety? Does that matter in your diet? I have a problem with the fact that I only have a limited amount of meals I know how to make. I also have a problem with textures. I should also mention that my gut likes to rule a lot of my world. It sounds like you're on a great path to creating an easier plan for yourself!

  • Grant Benesh's avatar
    Grant Benesh 1/22/2023 8:20 PM
    I wanted to reduce my footprint for this week's challenge surrounding ecological principles. Normally I commute to class by car even though it is a relatively short drive (8 minutes), so every day last week I rode the MAX or took the bus to school. I live super close to the bus and a few blocks away from the MAX, so it wasn't very difficult to just hop on. The only downside was it took a long time (25-40ish minutes compared to 8 minutes). I saved a lot on gas and it was nice to walk around and use my body more getting to and from the stops. Will maybe look into taking the Nike bikes next time.

    • Osvaldo Rios-Sabalza's avatar
      Osvaldo Rios-Sabalza 1/25/2023 12:34 PM
      Great to hear that you've benefited from this, even though it takes more time. Even though getting to your location quicker is better, you also don't have to worry so much about your vehicle such as paying for parking, or possible dents and scratches. Do you use a Hop Pass or a Viking Pass to pay from transit? If you plan to continue taking TriMet, I'd recommend you do. Having to pay for fare can be tedious, especially if you are using dollars and coins, it will probably make you not want to use Trimet as much.

    • Amy Minato's avatar
      Amy Minato 1/23/2023 12:13 PM
      Grant have you considered trying to use the commute time to read, study, meditate, draw, etc? i have finished a lot of novels on the bus!

  • Grant Benesh's avatar
    Grant Benesh 1/11/2023 8:49 PM

    • Amy Minato's avatar
      Amy Minato 1/20/2023 9:26 AM
      Grant where is that? looks like a lot of invasive ivy!

  • Grant Benesh's avatar
    Grant Benesh 1/11/2023 8:48 PM
    I explored the neighborhoods surrounding the SW hills that PSU is right up against. I walked about 5 miles and climbed roughly 39 flights of stairs in elevation. It was very nice to see new neighborhoods in Portland that I have not had to chance to explore, let alone on foot. The elevation made for some exercise but the roads often lacked sidewalks, so it was a bit scary walking on the road at times.

    • Amy Minato's avatar
      Amy Minato 1/20/2023 9:27 AM
      Grant. I had a student do a walking project noting where there were difficulties for pedestrians and submitting it to metro. please be careful!

    • Osvaldo Rios-Sabalza's avatar
      Osvaldo Rios-Sabalza 1/18/2023 12:45 PM
      That is a really good view that you took a picture of. It does look like you could easily slip on the stairs depending on how rainy it was. I have also had issues with roads lacking sidewalks. I've also had crosswalks be intentionally closed off near where I live on Lombard St. It's very strange and seems like a step backward from getting people to talk more rather than drive.

    • Alina Peek's avatar
      Alina Peek 1/15/2023 10:38 PM
      Very cool photo! I often forget how close we are to nature. I am glad you were able to climb those elevations.

    • Jamie Phillips's avatar
      Jamie Phillips 1/14/2023 11:52 PM
      Grant, this is so cool to hear! Your post made me realized that after being a student at PSU for years, I also haven't really explored our immediate environment. That moss is so cool looking! And having so much nature right inside the city is such a rare treat that a lot of us take for granted!