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Reflection, encouragement, and relationship building are all important aspects of getting a new habit to stick.
Share thoughts, encourage others, and reinforce positive new habits on the Feed.

To get started, share “your why.” Why did you join the challenge and choose the actions you did?

  • Mya Madeux's avatar
    Mya Madeux 1/04/2019 12:55 PM
    I support local businesses all the time and it made me happy that it was one of the challenges for consumption and economy section. I always make a point visit a local coffee shop once a week before work instead of going to Starbucks. My goal for the new year is to stop using straws and I actually started carrying a reusable straw in my purse. 

  • Natalia Paredes's avatar
    Natalia Paredes 12/26/2018 1:14 PM
    I watched the Story of Bottled Water It is estimated that 80% of our plastic bottles end up in the landfill. The rest that are "recycled" ends up in India and they are either downcycled or they just lay in piles in someone's backyard. We have to do better! Most of the water from water bottles come from the tap. The energy used to produce the water bottles in the US is enough energy to power 1 million cars a year. So our water bottles not only generate waste, but they pollute while they are being produced, and the water isn't much better than what we can get from home. I must admit that in the past two years, I reused a water bottle for a few weeks and then would recycle it and buy a new one. I realize it is better to just buy a reusable one and drink from the tap. 

    • Diana Medina's avatar
      Diana Medina 1/05/2019 10:10 PM
      Thank you for sharing the information and the link. The video is short and straight to the point. 

  • Mya Madeux's avatar
    Mya Madeux 12/18/2018 5:53 AM
    I watched Paris to Pittsburgh last night and it was such an eye opening documentary. I have always done my research when voting at the polls but during the next election I know that I need to get out and help canvas for the candidates that truly care about the future of this planet. 

    • Natalia Paredes's avatar
      Natalia Paredes 12/26/2018 1:39 PM
      I'm so glad you got a chance to watch it. Great point! It's crazy how little it comes up when candidates talk about issues as well. This past Florida Governors election was a bit different because of the red tide problem and people were actually seeing, smelling and being personally impacted by it therefore candidates were forced to address the issue. Keep it up Mya!

  • Diana Medina's avatar
    Diana Medina 12/17/2018 5:51 AM
    Many people are aware of the importance of sustainability, but are accustomed to old habits. Sustainability is important to me, because I want to ensure the safety and wellbeing of future generations, especially for my children. My vision for sustainability is like the movie Avatar, this may sound silly, but it came to my mind when I was explaining sustainability, although the movie may be a bit extreme. A handful of people realize the importance of sustainability and fight hard for it, while others unintentionally are destroying our planet. It’s difficult to fight for a cause that doesn’t reap the benefits immediately. However, if like the avatars we continue fighting or our earth, not physically like the movie, but by educating others, we can all make an impact. We are all on different levels of sustainability. I myself have a long road ahead, but I am now aware of my actions and the consequences, which has already altered my behavior.  

    • Natalia Paredes's avatar
      Natalia Paredes 12/26/2018 1:36 PM
      Yes, education is key! The impact that you'll have on teaching your kids these values is something that will carry well into the future and will benefit the planet greatly. Keep up the good work! If you are looking for a documentary to watch, feel free to check out this YouTube playlist 

  • Natalia Paredes's avatar
    Natalia Paredes 11/21/2018 11:34 AM
    I watched a VICE news investigative report on what it takes to produce meat and the water crisis. What documentary did you watch? Feel free to add it here if it is on YouTube

  • Natalia Paredes's avatar
    Natalia Paredes 10/16/2018 6:54 AM

    Good morning! As we progress through the Choices for Sustainable Living discussion course, please go on your dashboard and add an action listed under the session we are currently on. Right now, we just started session 1. I wanted to share my personal recommendations for you to explore regarding the actions offered during this session: 

    Who Killed the Electric Car - Amazon Prime
    The True Cost - Netflix
    An Inconvenient Truth - Amazon Prime

    Local Trails:
    East Orlando: Eco River Wilderness (UCF area), Lake Mills Park (Bithlo area), Econlockhatchee Sandhills Conservation Area (east Orlando Lake Pickett), Little Big Econ Barr St Trailhead (Oviedo).

    I personally am looking forward to watching a documentary. There are so many I haven't yet seen

    Feel free to add your recommendations as well. We all can learn from each other. 

    Also, once you've done your actions, please post your reflection. 


    • Stephanie Kresl's avatar
      Stephanie Kresl 11/07/2018 8:08 AM
      Hi Natalia,

      Here is a local organization in Winter Garden that I had the opportunity to visit with my family, called Do Good Farm. Their non-profit model uses 3 components: Food, Farming Systems, and Training to raise money for local and global communities in need with a goal of ending hunger and malnutrition in inner-cities across the US and around the world. Check out this video that explains more about the work they're doing and their vision: and a link to their website: