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Reflection, encouragement, and relationship building are all important aspects of getting a new habit to stick.
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To get started, share “your why.” Why did you join the challenge and choose the actions you did?

  • Camilla Price's avatar
    Camilla Price 5/06/2020 2:39 PM
    If you guys see this, then have a great summer. 

  • Leslie Galindo's avatar
    Leslie Galindo 4/24/2020 3:24 PM
    Toeday, I'm feeling weary of being home constantly.  I live out in the boonies and the cifi connection is horrible making my workdays draaaaag.  I hipe Monday is better. I will be outside a lot over the weekend, God willing.

  • Leslie Galindo's avatar
    Leslie Galindo 4/08/2020 2:29 PM
    We had our exam 3 today and I did great!  Just wanted to tell someone!!!

  • Leslie Galindo's avatar
    Leslie Galindo 4/04/2020 12:48 PM
    Great week!  On the upside I am being more aware of my water usage when I am in the kitchen and in the restroom.  On the downside I am more aware of how wasteful  my family is.  Working on that.

  • Liam Evans's avatar
    Liam Evans 3/26/2020 12:41 PM
    In the last few days, I spoke to my three family members, my roommate, and my partner about the importance of keeping up with sustainable practices as we are home so much more. I have spoken about the importance of, as we are all home, not keeping our lights on for more time than they need to be, especially having natural lighting. Also, about the amount of television usage and how we can buy groceries and supplies that waste less plastic and such with packaging, to use dishes more (and conserve more water)! I also see that being forced to be at home has likely led to a lot less waste, as we cannot go to coffee shops, get takeout, etc. as often as we have been able to in the past. Perhaps when this is over, we can move forward with more of a consciousness about what it is like to go out and waste less. I feel that in this horrible time, those of us who are privileged to have a shelter, and food, and safety can take time to focus on how our choices and the ways in which we approach the world and our resources have changed in a positive way (under these horrible circumstances), and reflect on this. The power to decrease waste and pollution and exploitation of our natural world lies in the people, and bodies of water clearing up and skies becoming blue again while we all stay home are something to consider moving forward. 

  • Leslie Galindo's avatar
    Leslie Galindo 3/25/2020 10:18 AM
    Well I dint get to do the micro greens with the class do that’s a bummer but I am excited to try it on my own anyway.  

  • Logan Kane's avatar
    Logan Kane 3/24/2020 7:15 AM
    I wanted to say that the pandemic has given me a unique perspective on the eco-challenge. I don't know about anyone else, but I've seen these images of pollution disappearing from China and Italy, and now the US. On one hand, our economy is literally being destroyed with each day that people and businesses let their debt build with no income to pay it. On the other hand, the pandemic removes a lot of the urgent but not important aspects of people's lives and lets them focus on what they really want out of life. I agree that the pandemic on a small scale reflects some of the issues in our society that are caused by climate change on a large scale.

    • Camilla Price's avatar
      Camilla Price 3/26/2020 7:29 AM
      I agree that a global crisis like this definitely puts things in perspective. I have actually seen some wildlife experts advocating for thinking of climate change a pandemic, so people will understand its severity and far-reaching impact.

  • Leslie Galindo's avatar
    Leslie Galindo 3/04/2020 11:09 AM
    I am hoping that with our micro greens I will improve my brown thumb and complete the two challenges I haven't yet.

  • Liam Evans's avatar
    Liam Evans 3/04/2020 11:02 AM
    I have also been focusing on reducing my plastic use as much as possible, using glass Tupperware to pack food and store food in the fridge, not using lids/straws at coffee shops, and using reusable cloth bags for grocery runs.

  • Logan Kane's avatar
    Logan Kane 3/04/2020 11:01 AM
    I got beat by Camilla in the ecochallenge this week but have spent more time outside and ate a homemade salad for lunch today!