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CSL Feb 20 Feed

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  • Alisha Rawlinson's avatar
    Alisha Rawlinson 2/26/2020 10:57 AM
    ALSO, I discovered Norwex. Sustainable, recycled cleaning / disinfecting cloths. Amazing. I have purchased a few already and will be purchasing more cleaning items as well.

  • Alisha Rawlinson's avatar
    Alisha Rawlinson 2/26/2020 10:56 AM
    I watched the Game Chargers on Netflix.. Documentary about a plant based diet. It was awesome! So eye opening.

  • Lauren Housemeyer's avatar
    Lauren Housemeyer 2/18/2020 1:08 PM
    I just found this great website - where you can find nearby farms and farmers markets and see who farms organically, free-range etc. I'm so excited. Going to the farmers market this weekend and hope to make this a regular deal!

  • Alisha Rawlinson's avatar
    Alisha Rawlinson 2/18/2020 12:50 PM
    I cook dinners every night during the week, so I've got that challenge in the bag. Also, my family does not eat processed foods, period.

  • Welcome to our CSL Ecochallenge team! I am excited to have this space with you a a way for us to try new actions and share out what we are learning, being challenged by and what new resources we find. please take a moment to select an action you want to take after reading and discussing chapter 1. See if you can complete that action this week. Thank you everyone! 

  • Feeling good about my two two day streak with zero waste cooking - although are skins of onion consider waste? 

  • Any food documentary recommendations from anyone?