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Capstone Spring 22


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Eli's actions

Visions of Sustainability

Join An Outdoor Project

I will join an outdoor restoration project in my community.


Consumption and Economy

Track my Purchases

I will maintain a record of all my purchases.



Use Muscle Power

I will only use muscle-powered transportation this week.



Use Public Transit

I will use public transit 7 mile(s) each day this week and avoid sending up to -10.26 lbs of CO2 into Earth's atmosphere.



Connect with a Nonprofit

I will connect with a local nonprofit, environmental or otherwise, and find out how I can get involved or become a member.



Say No to Plastic

Plastic bags and small plastic pieces like straws are most likely to get swept into our waterways. This week, I'll say "no" to plastic bags at the store and plastic straws in all of my drinks.



Whole Foods Diet

I will enjoy 2 meal(s) free of processed foods each day this week.


Ecological Principles

Research Renewable Energy Options

I will find out if my local utilities offer an option for supporting renewable energy investment.


A Call to Sustainability

Sign a Petition

I will sign petitions in support of an environmental or social initiative in my state.


Participant Feed

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To get started, share “your why.” Why did you join the challenge and choose the actions you did?

  • Eli Slatlem's avatar
    Eli Slatlem 5/23/2022 5:30 PM
    For this weeks eco-challenge, I joined an outdoor restoration project. I did a quick google search of "volunteer opportunities Portland area" and found another outdoor cleanup in the Hillsboro area. The organization is one I have worked with previously called SOLVE: Taking Care of Oregon. Typically on the third Monday of each month, the organization will organize a clean up in local areas to clean up trash and  litter. They also coordinate projects involving the removal of invasive species and park pruning / trail maintenance. The one I helped with this week was in Downtown Hillsboro. The project was from 9am to noon, and I stayed the whole time to help. I started with the safety training and then got to pick up two huge trash bags of trash on my own time. This class has really inspired me to do more projects like this so I can give back to the community. I have already signed up to do an after Memorial Day clean up :)

  • Eli Slatlem's avatar
    Eli Slatlem 5/16/2022 12:40 PM
    For this weeks eco-challenge I kept a record of all of my purchases for a week. I didn't go out much this week because I knew I would have to keep track of my purchases but I did have to buy some quick dinners and snacks for the Stevie Nicks concert I went to this weekend. Overall, I spent $78.58 on these items, they included frozen pizzas, ice cream, a small bag of Juanita's spicy chips (my secret addiction), apricots, turkey jerky, goldfish, granola, and seltzer waters (because I am going sober ((going on three weeks!!))). I also spent money on a teriyaki chicken bowl at the concert for $16 plus tip and I bought a T-shirt for $45 plus tip. I also spent about $60 in gas roundtrip (to The Gorge Ampitheater and back). Now these are items I don't normally buy, but I've been really checking in on my mental health lately and I just don't have spoons to cook a well-balanced meal every day. So it's been mac and cheese and frozen pizza's for a few days! This week, I want to work more on spending less at the grocery store and go back to my balanced plant-based diet. 

    • Leandra Reynoso-Valdez's avatar
      Leandra Reynoso-Valdez 5/17/2022 12:24 AM
      Hi Eli, I think tracking purchases is a helpful idea to see how many products we buy and I definitely need to do this to help me change my spending habits. 

  • Eli Slatlem's avatar
    Eli Slatlem 5/09/2022 2:12 PM
    For this weeks Eco-Challenge, I challenged myself to two challenges. The first, to use public transportation and the second to use muscle power. I took the bus and TRI-MET to work this week and wow wow WOW that was difficult. I never really appreciated the privilege that comes with owning your own vehicle, but also the consequences that come with it by increasing your carbon footprint. From my house in SE Portland (Woodstock area specifically) to Scooter McQuade's in downtown off Burnside, its a 7 mile journey, riding the 71 bus until NE 60th and 60th Ave and then the Red Line Max until Galleria SW 10th Ave, from there its only a couple blocks walk to Scooters. The ride was an hour and a half! I had to get up at 5am (which is two hours earlier than I normally get up) to catch my bus. I was definitely more tired than I usually am because of this time difference, but overall the experience was nice! I got to catch up on some leisurely reading and studying and overall just some quiet time to myself before and after work. 
    For my second challenge, I would long board to some local stores for any quick stops rather than driving my own vehicle. I forgot how much I enjoy long boarding and it was really nice to get some fresh air instead of being in the car. 

  • Eli Slatlem's avatar
    Eli Slatlem 4/29/2022 1:34 AM
    For the Community Session of our Eco-Challenge, I have chosen to connect with a local nonprofit. One of the local nonprofits that I am apart of on a monthly basis is RACE TALKS: Uniting to Break the Chains of Racism. This nonprofit works to produce open conversations about race, class, and white privilege. They have different types of events for all different members of the community, such as White Ally Affinity night, BIPOC Only Night, Community Conversations, Candidate forums, and movie nights. The goal of this nonprofit is to have trained facilitators guide topics and conversations and give preferential speaking space to Black and BIPOC individuals before whites. Their mission statement, "RACE TALKS envisions a world beyond superficial connections where race, ethnicity, gender, and religion are no longer barriers to connecting with others, but a means to enhance cross-cultural connections through deep and shared experiences".  I have had a great time at each of the events I have attended over the last two years. They are enlightening but uncomfortable, I highly recommend attending. 

  • Eli Slatlem's avatar
    Eli Slatlem 4/28/2022 10:49 PM
    For this weeks eco-challenge, I decided to say no to single-use plastic for one week. (I don't know if the 'one week' mark was enumerated in the challenge, but I successfully completed it!). This was honestly one of the hardest challenges I have done thus far, because of the pervasiveness of single-use plastic in our culture and society. Part of my eco-change project is sustainable vegan cooking using no single-use plastic and yet I still find that there are plastic stickers and tags on even fresh fruits and vegetables! Using a reusable water bottle has helped tremendously with my plastic consumption, as well as using bar soaps to wash my hands rather than liquid hand soap in a pump. I notice that liquid hand soap is used at a much faster rate than bar soap. My last bar of soap that I opened was last year in July and I just ran out a few days ago. 
    When it comes to water conservation specifically, I've started turning my shower off while shampooing and washing my body which is great for my water bill!

  • Eli Slatlem's avatar
    Eli Slatlem 4/21/2022 4:35 PM
    For this weeks eco-challenge, I decided to eat 14 whole foods meals, I also included ensuring these foods were organic. This is not too terribly difficult a challenge, as a lot of my food allergies force me to eat an almost completely whole foods diet. For this challenge, I ate a lot of rice, quinoa, vegetables, fruits, oatmeal, and tofu. I can feel the positive impacts on my body as I have more energy, less depression, more focus, better sleep, and better bowel movements (I suffer from IBS). The reading from this chapter also encourages me to start focusing on eating more seasonal, as eating seasonal is more sustainable! Since it is Spring, my diet consists of a lot of bananas, limes, oranges, arugula, avocados, snow peas, dill, mint, and parsley. With so many different types of vegetables and herbs coming into season, it's so easy to make a completely different plant-based meal for every meal! One of my next food based personal challenges is to eat more local foods! I really want to start getting better at supporting local farms. 

    • Olivia Carrillo's avatar
      Olivia Carrillo 5/02/2022 2:19 PM
      Hi Eli, I had also decided to a challenge that is similar to yours. I decided to do meal preparation for a week and I also noticed a big difference in my overall being. I think it's much easier with spring here and summer around the corner with all of the fresh fruits and vegetables. 

  • Eli Slatlem's avatar
    Eli Slatlem 4/14/2022 8:59 AM
    For this weeks eco-challenge I decided to research renewable energy options. My electricity is provided by PGE and they have some great renewable energy options for those interested. I spoke with a customer representative and changed my Basic plan to the Green Future Choice plan. In this plan, your electricity is run by 100% renewable energy for only $6 more a month (on average). The renewable option is also Green-e Energy certified, "and meets the environmental and consumer protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions". PGE also has options for individual and community solar panel options and offer Renewable Energy Credit for those who opt into this plan.  PGE also has a plan set forth to have reduced their greenhouse gas emissions by 80% in 2030; and by 2040, they plan to have zero greenhouse gas emissions from power served to customers. They also have annual reports of their sustainability practices since 2013 for the public viewing. This was a really impactful change because our current power infrastructure is wasteful and harmful to the environment. Hopefully, if I ever own my own home, I'll be able to instal solar panels and run most of my electricity through that clean energy source. 

  • Eli Slatlem's avatar
    Eli Slatlem 4/13/2022 4:48 PM
    This post is for week one's eco-challenge. I apologize for the late post, but moving has been super stressful and I realize I'm going to have to take the late point deductions.
    For this weeks eco-challenge, I signed as many petitions as I could in the span of an hour, but the three that stood out to me the most centered in Portland, Oregon. I chose to sign most of my petitions in the Portland area in order to start stimulating some more local change, as suggested in our textbook for the most effective change.
    The first petition that resonated with me is "a law that would ban all businesses from throwing away food that is edible, and instead donate it to the local Food Bank or other nongovernmental organizations". The United States throws away about 15,000 tons of food per day, according to this petition. This is due largely to overstocking, overconsumption, and capitalistic greed. 
    The second petition I signed states, "Tell the Portland Thorns and Timbers To Stop Using Single-Use Plastic". Single-use plastic is the bane of my existence and it so invasive in every aspect of day to day living. The alternative would be to use reusable and washable aluminum. This petition states that 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today! I bought an eight pack of Ball Corporation aluminum cups from Winco and they are amazing!! They keep your beverage colder waaaaaay longer than a plastic cup too!
    The third petition I signed states, "Stop Using Plastic Packaging on Fresh Produce at Fred Meyer". It has continued to baffle me why corporations insist on packing produce in plastic when nature has created its own safety features for fruits and veggies by way of skin, husks, peels, shells, etc. I shop primarily at Trader Joe's and they are by far the worst when it comes to packaging produce that does not need to be packaged at all. 
    Personally, I love signing petitions and I do this on a pretty monthly basis. I think they are one of the easiest ways to make small sustainable changes to society. Change needs momentum and that momentum can be garnered through signing and sharing petitions. If you are interested in signing these petitions, I have linked them below!
    Petition #1:
    Petition #2:
    Petition #3: