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    Morgan Reinert 5/31/2019 7:03 AM
    CL1 was interesting because we learned more about one another and that sustainibility is more far reaching than initially thought. We talked about sustainability in our families, why we chose to study it or what it means to each of us. The Iceberg way of looking at problems. We also asked what drives us toward sustainability. 

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    Morgan Reinert 5/31/2019 6:59 AM
    CL 2 Ecological Principals was my group and we focused on the fact that everything is connected and or interconnected. What we do has impacts we might not even see. We need to access the fact that we as humans (People) are overconsuming and the more of us that overconsume (Affluence) the more we need technology to help reduce or offset the Impact. We discussed drivers for personal decisions and or values. We dicsussed how we can improve one anothers behavoir and or encourgae a more sustainable one. Overall, it was an engaging discussion. 

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    Morgan Reinert 5/31/2019 6:55 AM
    After learning about community I learned it is not necessary large or like minded it is about connections, welfare, and trust. I feel like we can make GMU's community for the students stronger by encouraging a sense of comradery. I also liked and find it true that through community and connections we can make changes sometimes small and sometimes large and those changes can grow into habits like picking up trash when you see it. Resilience needs to be checked by the community, why are we resisting and staying strong on our position and what are the impacts. Overall, CL group 4 Community did great !

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    Morgan Reinert 5/22/2019 12:19 PM
    I have been spending my time since March until now restoring the creek (part of a wetland) behind the home of who I live with. I have been putting Native Piedmont Region (LOUISA) vegetation to help buffer and restore the water quality. I also incorporated my own wildlife as I raise wild varieties of ducks like Mallard, Muscovy, Khaki Campbell, Rouen, and Runner varieties. I have been working to reduce past (abandoned construction debris) and future damages to the water table.