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capstone spring 21

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Support Local Food Systems

I will source 1 meal(s) from local producers each day this week. This could include signing up for a local CSA, buying from a farmer's market, visiting a food co-op, foraging with a local group, or growing my own ingredients.

One-Time Action

A Call to Sustainability

Explore My Area

I will explore at least one new hiking trail or nature walk in my area.

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Volunteer in my Community

I will volunteer 5 hour(s) in my community this week.

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    Grace Marshall 4/21/2021 6:37 PM
    Hey everyone, this week for my Eco Challenge I plan on cooking each dinner with ingredients that I got from the farmers market (the locally sourced foods challenge). Early in the week I made the first recipe for my vegetarian cookbook, sweet potato gnocchi with kale rabe, which was surprisingly good leftover. I made salmon chowder last night that I'm going to eat for the next couple days before freezing the rest, and for my last couple cooks I'm planning on mushroom risotto and ratatouille. It was kind of difficult finding the produce that I needed at the market, as it's still early in the season for a lot of things (especially stuff I needed for the ratatouille) but I made it work, and it sometimes resulted in fun substitutions (like kale rabe instead of broccoli rabe, which I couldn't find). 

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    Grace Marshall 4/14/2021 9:34 PM
    This week for my Eco Challenge I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather we're having and explore a trail I haven't done before (the "Explore my Area" action). This one was perfect for me because I haven't been living in Portland for all that long. I did the Trail of Ten Falls loop today out near Silverton, and it was absolutely gorgeous - the waterfalls were beautiful and there were very few people out on the trail. I love hiking on early weekday mornings because it's so much less crowded, and I can enjoy the sounds of nature and the quiet. 

    • amy minato's avatar
      amy minato 4/15/2021 12:12 PM
      that is one of my favorite trails! best to avoid weekends there good call

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    Grace Marshall 4/07/2021 4:48 PM
    Hi everyone! This week for my Ecochallenge I volunteered five hours of my time with Portland Animal Welfare Team doing vet tech work. We provide free veterinary care to the pets of people experiencing homelessness. This was my second time volunteering with PAW Team, and it's been so rewarding each time, both because I'm helping animals get the care that they need and because I'm helping people keep their family pets through rough situations. 

    • amy minato's avatar
      amy minato 4/10/2021 3:36 PM
      spaying and neutering pets can go a long way toward protecting wildlife. also helping families to keep their animals as feral animals suffer while negatively impacting the environment. it would be interesting for you to do an eco change around sustainable pet care..?

    • Abigail Jones's avatar
      Abigail Jones 4/08/2021 8:59 AM
      What an awesome way to show love to the animals in Oregon and their people!