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A Call to Sustainability

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I will watch a movie about a sustainability issue I would like to know more about.


A Call to Sustainability

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I will tell 1 people why sustainability is important to me and what my vision for a sustainable world is.


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    Randy Lucas 6/05/2023 11:27 PM
    This week I really wanted to focus on spending time outdoors. I was really inspired to connect with nature after going on the field trip on Thursday. On Saturday, I took some time out of my day to crochet at the park blocks. I have been enjoying crocheting and its something relaxing that I can do outside to enjoy the sun as well. Me and some friends also went on a random adventure and took the max around Portland. It was nice to get to explore Portland for a bit before I head back home for the summer. We ended up at a random park and we played on the playground. It was such a memorable moment and we ran through the sprinklers when they turned on.

  • Randy Lucas's avatar
    Randy Lucas 5/28/2023 9:55 PM
    Since I had this weekend off from work, I decided to visit the PSU farmers market on Saturday. I ended up buying a small succulent and a breakfast burrito because I was hungry. It was nice to purchase from a local business, rather than where I normally purchase from, usually being Starbucks. I have a habit of buying breakfast sandwiches from Starbucks, so it was a good change. I decided to continue my solo adventure and go to the SCRAP art store. I was looking for more yarn, and I ended up buying a couple of art supplies. As I was walking to SCRAP, I saw a girl carrying a cute crocheted cow plush that I want to try making in the future. I'm still new to crocheting, so I want to get more comfortable with it before I try more advanced projects.

  • Randy Lucas's avatar
    Randy Lucas 5/21/2023 9:39 PM
    This week I really took advantage of Portland's public transportation. It is very useful for me especially since I don't have a car or access to one here. I think taking long rides on public transportation can be relaxing for me. I just use this time to relax and listen to music. I took the max to Pioneer Courthouse Square with some friends but it was hot, so we went inside the mall to avoid the heat. Later at night I took a walk with my boyfriend around campus. Although I do prefer cooler weather, it was nice to see some warmer weather for once. Also since my dorm would often get really hot, it forced me to spend more time outside.

  • Randy Lucas's avatar
    Randy Lucas 5/14/2023 10:54 PM
    This week I went on a walk in the downtown area and explored a couple of the local shops. I didn't end up purchasing anything because I wasn't in need of a much, but it was still fun to look around and soak in the sun. After my walk some friends and I went to the river. I didn't end up going in fully because the current was strong, but I did take some time to continue crocheting my hat. It was also one of my friend's birthday this weekend, so we went on a picnic. I ended up meeting a couple of new people during the picnic, so it was nice to socialize for a bit. This week I also went to the Goodwill bins and found a few pieces of fabrics that I will be using for my Eco Change project.

    • Leilani Felan's avatar
      Leilani Felan 5/14/2023 11:47 PM
      Hi Randy! Sounds like such a fun weekend. I've run into this struggle of trying to produce less waste so I'm being more conscious of using my current products and have realized that I've saved so much money by not over spending!

  • Randy Lucas's avatar
    Randy Lucas 5/07/2023 9:48 PM
    For this week I wanted to focus on reducing the amount of waste I produced. I made it a goal for me to not get drinks at coffee shops. This was very hard for me because I have a habit of going to Starbucks for breakfast everyday or getting Dutch Bros to have while I study. I'm not sure how I can make this habit more sustainable without completely cutting it out. I can bring in a reusable cup for Starbucks, but I believe Dutch Bros does not offer this service. However, I did end up buying a reusable straw that I will be using for future purchases. I also made sure to bring in my own bags while I went grocery shopping. This was an easy fix for me especially since I already have so many tote bags laying around. I do forget my bags sometimes but I just end up carrying everything with my hands. I also continued making homemade meals. My boyfriend and I went grocery shopping during the weekend and bought the necessary ingredients we needed for the week. We decided to follow a Tik Tok recipe for a breakfast sandwich, however I forgot to take a picture before eating.

    • Vanessa Wissler's avatar
      Vanessa Wissler 5/14/2023 1:13 AM
      Hey Randy, great job this week! Maybe for Dutch Bros, you could go to another cafe that serves similar drinks and allows reusable cups every other day? I need to get into the habit of remembering to bring my reusable bags to the grocery store. I always seem to remember to bring them in my car but forget to take them into the store.

  • Randy Lucas's avatar
    Randy Lucas 4/30/2023 4:56 PM
    For this week I did a couple of smaller changes in my everyday routine. Since it was pretty sunny, me and some friends went out to walk/used public transportation to get around Portland and explore new stores. I did not buy anything since I wasn't in need of anything in particular, but I still had a lot of fun. It has been really enjoyable to include my friends in my eco challenge actions. Overall I spent a lot of time outdoors this week. It was nice to have warmer weather and being able to enjoy a bit more of nature. This week I also cooked a couple times and I am really trying to make it a habit. When I don't have much time, I tend to buy prepackaged salads, so this week I decided to buy each ingredient to make it myself. Although this still produced some waste, it was a lot less than I normally would have. On Friday, I went to the Goodwill bins to try to find some fabrics or clothing items that I could use for my project. I found a few fabric scraps that I hope I can incorporate somewhere.

  • Randy Lucas's avatar
    Randy Lucas 4/23/2023 7:59 PM
    This week I made it a goal to make home cooked meals rather than going out to eat. I was mostly successful except for one day. On Thursdays, I have class all day, so it's difficult to find some time to cook. I ended up getting Domino’s pizza instead. However, I think this was a great improvement from my normal routine. On Monday, my boyfriend and I went grocery shopping and focused on getting versatile foods, which we used for multiple dishes. One of my favorite dishes that we made was Chicken Alfredo. While making the Chicken Alfredo, I realized I did not have a pot big enough to cook the pasta, so I had to ask a friend to borrow one. I went home for the weekend, so I was able to bring a pot from home. I enjoyed cooking and I want to continue doing so. It was also a great way for me to save money, which is something I struggle with a lot, but I also noticed how much less trash I made this week.

    • kerry mccarthy's avatar
      kerry mccarthy 4/29/2023 8:02 AM
      Awesome post Randy! You make cooking sound fun and it makes me want to cook more. Don't beat yourself up over Domino's pizza! I usually try to give myself permission to get Chinese food on the way home from work on a Friday night as a treat to end the week. I think the key is to keep it in moderation. I love how you borrowed a big pot from a friend, (or a neighbor). Sometimes it feels like your neighbors might think you're a weirdo showing up at their door all of a sudden, but that's the way it use to be back in the day when friends and neighbors interacted and helped one another. Good for you! Thanks, Randy.

    • Ruby Nations's avatar
      Ruby Nations 4/23/2023 8:57 PM
      I love this! Eating out on busy days is a big habit of mine. Sometimes I wait too long to eat so it's much easier to grab some food on the way home than figure out what to cook on an empty stomach. Meal prepping has been a huge lifesaver/time saver/money saver when I can get around to it. Awesome that it was a win-win situation by saving money and reducing waste!

  • Randy Lucas's avatar
    Randy Lucas 4/16/2023 7:30 PM
    For this week I decided to look through my closet and donate items I have not worn in months. I always end up buying things impulsively, so that is something I wanted to focus on this week and hopefully for weeks after. I ended up with 3 bags of clothes that I ended up taking to the PSU reuse room. I was not familiar with many places I could donate clothes to, so I found it convenient to take to Cramer instead. I also decided to watch a documentary about the harms of fast fashion. The film, The True Cost, displays the dangers garment workers face in the fashion industry. They work in poor conditions, yet only get paid a few US dollars a day. It is upsetting to see the exploitation of workers in developing countries, many instances ending in fatalities. Something that stood out to me from the documentary was that in the 1960’s, 95% of clothing was produced within the US, but now only 3% of clothing is when the film was released (2015).

    • Olivia Monestime's avatar
      Olivia Monestime 4/22/2023 11:48 PM
      Nice Randy! Good start to "Spring" : ) Especially if you'll be crocheting and sewing new clothes for your project, it's good you're makin space in your closet! The True Cost documentary is also so eye opening and really motivated me to be mindful about what practices I'm supporting with my clothing choices.

    • Vanessa Wissler's avatar
      Vanessa Wissler 4/19/2023 3:51 PM
      Hey Randy, I have trouble with impulsive clothing purchases too! Fast fashion is super tempting when you can purchase items so cheaply. I'm trying to make an effort to save up for things I really want and buy independently made slow fashion.