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Diane King

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"To learn new ways to live sustainably and to share those findings with others, and to continue my present practices of reducing my footprint on the planet."

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I will start a sustainability journal, capturing my thoughts, concerns and learning about sustainability issues.

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    Diane King 3/07/2019 6:01 AM
    Read article in Connecticut Gardener (May/June 2015) about whether tropical milkweed (asclepias currasavica) is harmfui to migrating butterflies.  It is not because in CT it dies in the winter.  In southern states where plants live year long it may carry a parasite deadly to butterflies, but in CT it is a good food source for butterfly caterpillars.

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    Diane King 3/07/2019 5:48 AM
    Read article on the Green New Deal and posted comments in my journal.

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    Diane King 3/06/2019 2:40 PM
    Signed petition on banning round-up from