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A Call to Sustainability

Sign a Petition

I will sign petitions in support of an environmental or social initiative in my state.


A Call to Sustainability

Pay Attention to Current Events

I will watch or read the news each day this week with a specific focus on sustainability issues and happenings.


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    Katherine Huff 6/23/2022 8:52 AM
    For todays call to sustainability, I decided to find and sign a local petition I will link below. While researching petitions to sign I found local news articles about various activists groups that were petitioning the state of Oregon. Many groups had a focus on the amount of trash and pollution that has been entering our rivers through a multitude of means. Article: 
    I wanted to be able to contribute my signature to this cause but couldn't find any way to sign an online petition, so I continued my search until I found an online petition to sign. I was able to find a petition about an environmental issue I wasn't initially aware of. Leaf blowers are annoying and polluting to such a significant degree of damage that they have been banned for use in Washington D.C. It was fun to sign this petition through the website linked below because they recommended other local petitions to learn about and sign really easily.

    • Daniel Martin's avatar
      Daniel Martin 6/25/2022 10:39 AM
      That's funny Katherine I found the same petition about the leaf blowers which I thought was interesting because we just had a short talk in class last week about how terrible leaf blowers are. Its interesting that the only thing 2-stroke engines are allowed to be in is lawn equipment for some reason, even though they are very harmful. I guess leaf blower companies have good lobbyists.

  • Katherine Huff's avatar
    Katherine Huff 6/20/2022 8:04 PM
    I chose this action to participate in because I often only hear about sustainability issues presented on the news as a show of the consequences of our inaction over the decades to address climate change. These issues are exhibited through the devastation of fires, hurricanes, tornados, and other natural disasters that can be attributed to man made climate change. For these reasons I wanted to read more about the legislation or lack thereof that have really caused and exacerbated human caused environmental issues. I found an article about how the Supreme Court will be deciding a case this month which could overturn the "Chevron Deference" decision from 1984 which gave agencies like the EPA power to set and enforce regulations on companies. Unfortunately, it seems this would just be the first decision of multiple pending cases that plan to dismantle environmental regulations. For example, one cases is questioning how the affects of climate change are calculated and believe that bureaucracies shouldn't be the deciders of those standards. Overall the tone of this article ,which will be linked below, was a morbid foretelling of what Republicans and groups like "The Federalist Society" have spent nearly a decade preparing for these cases and plan to win. I desperately hope they do not succeed.