Matthew Dunn

Foundations and Practice of Sustainability 2019

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Ecological Principles

Reduce My Footprint

I will calculate my ecological footprint and talk with my family or roommates about way we can reduce our negative enviromental impact.

One-Time Challenge


Watch The Story of Bottled Water

I will watch The Story of Bottled Water to learn more about bottled water's impacts on the environment.

One-Time Challenge


  • Matthew Dunn 9/08/2019 3:37 PM
    Aw, man.  My Ecological Footprint gives an Earth Overshoot Day of 29 March, and the need of 4.1 Earths if everyone on the planet lived like me.  Completing those questions made me take a hard look at the packaging of the food we buy - I think my wife and I do really well since we hardly buy any food outside of the produce aisle, but I still wouldn't say more than approx. 33% of the food comes locally, without packaging.  And my work commute is about 28 miles each way, with a mpg the question phrased as being 'low' gas mileage - at 34 mpg!  This is eye-opening to what the burden my lifestyle is causing onto our resources.

    • Michelle Parsons 9/08/2019 4:49 PM
      I downsized from a SUV to a small car and I thought that 34 mpg was decent compared to the 15-16 I used to get.