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Gabe Dicenzo

Capstone summer 22

"To improve environmental sustainability through the advocation and implementation of economic incentivizing policy."

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Ecological Principles

Recycle Everything I Can

I will recycle all materials that are accepted by local haulers or drop stations in my community this week.

One-Time Action

A Call to Sustainability

Explore My Area

I will explore at least one new hiking trail or nature walk in my area.

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  • Gabe Dicenzo's avatar
    Gabe Dicenzo 6/23/2022 7:43 AM
    For todays Eco Challenge I selected the Recycle Everything I Can option. For me this was the obvious choice as my parter and I are moving soon and we are looking for the best homes for all our stuff. Because we're moving out of state we are pretty much just bringing a couple suitcases worth of our clothes so everything must go. Our hope is to be as sustainable as possible by ensuring all of our old furniture, cooking supplies, and decor all get good 2nd hand homes so these items don't end up in a landfill. So far the effects of clearing out clutter and reducing my overall consumption have been very beneficial not only to my environmental impact but also my mental health. The largest hurdle for us has been figuring out what to do with "large-ticket" items such as the couch and bed. Because they're both the most used and also consists of some of the most waste, it's been tricky finding the right home for them. Worst comes to worse I can break down the bed and couch myself and try to recycle the parts as best I can. Our apartment complex does a considerably good job at providing different types of  recycling options on-site which is perfect for small scale recycling of everyday items which we practice regularly. I have a feeling on move-out day that this area will be used quite a bit my me and my parter. 

    • amy minato's avatar
      amy minato 6/23/2022 11:33 AM
      Gabe how will you furnish your new home?  beds and couches are hard to give away because folks are wary about bugs, etc. you might try putting them outside with a free sign and/or posting them on Rooster (an email list for giving away items)

  • Gabe Dicenzo's avatar
    Gabe Dicenzo 6/21/2022 7:33 AM
    My eco challenge choice "Explore My Area" was done in order to enjoy some of the first signs of nice weather we had here in Portland and to get some nature induced serotonin in before we commit to Summer term. I like most of you will be very busy this summer and felt like some golf at the East Moreland golf course would  do me good. The course wraps around the boarder of the East Moreland Rhododendron Garden and at 6am there are a remarkable amount of birds about. Going to this course early was very therapeutic. Just taking a long quiet walk through the fields on a crisp morning makes you feel like you started the day productive and prepared me for the rest of my day. Being so close to the city I was surprised by not only a beaver who game to nibble on some blackberry shrubs but also a coyote who seemed very interested in me- trailing me for two holes. This dude must of been like 45 pounds too which was another surprise considering the location. It's possible the coyote lives in the Reed College canyon and makes his way down to the golf course for a delicious avian feast but my 35 lb Goldendoodle made this guy look like an absolute unit. 

    • amy minato's avatar
      amy minato 6/21/2022 9:12 PM
      Gabe good for you going outside. you might want to research the environmental impact of golf courses and ways they might be made more sustainable

    • Kevanna Doolittle's avatar
      Kevanna Doolittle 6/21/2022 8:21 AM
      Thanks for sharing, Gabe. 

      It sounds like you hard a relaxing morning. I went out and enjoyed a little nature myself. I took my American Akita on a neighborhood walk this morning. I enjoy my morning walks because I live right next to the Waterhouse Trail in Beaverton. There are two ponds near by and many ducks and geese. At this time of year I see loads of ducklings and goslings. Once I thought I saw an otter but I found out later it was a nutria or some other water dwelling mammal. 

      I agree with you, it is therapeutic to be outdoors in the morning. It definitely makes me feel like I started the day off right and will be more productive. 

      I hope you get more time outdoors this summer despite your busy schedule!