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    Rhonda Crespo 9/02/2019 10:25 AM
    Does anyone want to work on organizing our students for the climate strike on September 20? 

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    Rhonda Crespo 8/20/2019 3:16 PM
    Hey everyone, 
    This is where you post your one-page response to the Session 1 EcoChallenge, due Friday, August 30. 

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    Rhonda Crespo 8/16/2019 8:29 AM
    Remember, that all of your assignments are listed on the course syllabus. Please respond to written assignment #1 here. Write a one-page response to the prompt: 
    What do you hope to gain from this course? Name at least one goal each for something you want to learn,
    a behavior you want to change to be more sustainable, and something you can contribute to the group.