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Emma Butterfield

capstone summer 21

"My mission is to live as eco-friendly of a life as possible and to focus specifically the element of protecting water resources at this time. "


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Mulch the Base of Trees and Plants

I will prevent water runoff and increase absorbency.


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    Emma Butterfield 7/15/2021 12:22 PM
    Another ecochallenge that I am taking on (for session 8) is using deck materials that have already been used to make a larger deck instead of keeping more lawn in my backyard. This will mean less water required for watering a lawn. 

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    Emma Butterfield 7/07/2021 3:42 PM
    For the session 5 and 6 ecochange, I decided to connect with a local non profit. I signed up to volunteer next week with Willamette Riverkeeper and am looking forward to it! I am volunteering next week at Trashy Tuesday to pick up trash along the Eastbank Esplanade. If anyone is interested in volunteering or learning more, click here: