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Sue's Actions

A Call to Sustainability

Sign a Petition

I will sign petitions in support of an environmental or social initiative in my state.

One-Time Action

Ecological Principles

Practice Gratitude for Earth

This week, I will spend 5 minute(s) each day outside, practicing gratitude (prayer, meditation, journaling, etc.) for Earth and the nature surrounding me.

One-Time Action


Watch a Documentary

I will watch a documentary film about food with family and friends and talk about what we learned.

One-Time Action

Consumption and Economy

Support Local Businesses

I will buy from local businesses instead of shopping online.

One-Time Action

Consumption and Economy

Buy Only What I Need

I will not buy anything except items required for health and safety.

One-Time Action


  • Sue Barns 1/28/2018 6:40 PM
    I got two food related DVDs from the library, and my husband and I watched them both. First was "Forks over Knives" which is health oriented. It does a good job of discussing the  history that has led us to become a meat/diary/sugar-centric culture, and the science that is now showing the myriad benefits of adopting a whole-foods, plant-based eating style (without animal products). 
    The second DVD was "Food, Inc."  which came out recently, and describes the process and deleterious effects of the industrialization of our food supply. Wow. Pretty hard to watch the victims (human and non-human) of the American corporate food system. :-(  

  • Sue Barns 1/21/2018 7:56 PM
    This challenge (to spend 5 mins each day outside practicing gratitude for nature) is easy-peasy!  And fun, and a great excuse to stop and take it all in and appreciate it all. Yay!

  • Sue Barns 1/16/2018 10:19 AM
    Calculated my "Ecological Footprint" for this week's discussion. My overshoot day is Oct 30, and we need to find another 0.2 Earths to provide my lifestyle to everyone :-(

  • Sue Barns 1/16/2018 8:48 AM
    And now we are six! Welcome Sandra, Jamie, Alia, Shannon and Lisa!  Glad you all figured out how to sign up. Good luck with your challenges, and I'll see you tomorrow night :-)

  • Sue Barns 1/16/2018 8:39 AM
    One more petition signed!  To end coyote killing contests (ugh) in New Mexico. I visited the Southwest Environmental Center in Las Cruces a couple of weeks ago, and signed several other petitions there. They do great work! Check them out at

  • Sue Barns 1/15/2018 6:07 AM
    Welcome to our team, Lisa and Alia!  Glad you found our EcoChallenge group. Good luck on your challenges, and see you Weds night for discussion!!

  • Sue Barns 1/15/2018 6:05 AM
    A new week!  I still have 2 more petitions to sign. The challenge is to find ones for my state (NM). I get notified of national petitions a lot, but not often for state-specific ones. I'll need to do a bit more research.... Meanwhile, good luck to all on your challenges this week!!!!

  • Sue Barns 1/11/2018 7:28 PM
     I signed an online petition today in support of a state-level "methane rule."  Methane Rules require prevention of methane leaks, which is good for air quality and reduces GHGs. Rep. Lujan-Grisham, who is running for Governor this year, supports a state methane rule, so yay!  I still need to sign 2 more petitions, but I'm off to a good start. (Note:  I'm not entirely sure that signing online petitions does much... but it's easy and might help?)