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Visions of Sustainability

Eco-friendly Gardening

I will plant native species, landscape with water-efficient plants, and use eco-friendly fertilizers.


Consumption and Economy

Buy Only What I Need

I will not buy anything except items required for health and safety.



Pick Up Litter

I will pick up litter on my street and ask others to join me in taking care of our neighborhood.



Watch The Story of Bottled Water

I will watch The Story of Bottled Water to learn more about bottled water's impacts on the environment.



Reduce Animal Products

I will enjoy 7 meatless meal(s) and/or 7 vegan meal(s) each day this week.


Ecological Principles

Practice Gratitude for Earth

This week, I will spend 15 minute(s) each day outside, practicing gratitude (prayer, meditation, journaling, etc.) for Earth and the nature surrounding me.


A Call to Sustainability

Watch a Documentary

I will watch a movie about a sustainability issue I would like to know more about.


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  • Hannah Auld's avatar
    Hannah Auld 5/26/2020 12:13 PM
    Hey all! With my eco-change being me building a garden bed for my mom, I have had to do some research on a few things. One being, soil. I really didn't want to just go to a store and buy 5 plus bags of soil. So, I found a place near me that sells compost, topsoil, mulch, etc. in bulk! Once the frame is done (which will be this week), my dad and I are going to go over there and shovel some in the bed of his truck. Should be fun! 

  • Hannah Auld's avatar
    Hannah Auld 5/19/2020 6:42 PM
    Hey all! In quarantine, I have been lightly dabbling in the world of online shopping out of boredom. Especially this website called ThredUp, which is an online thrift shop and then unfortunately, Amazon. I feel like it's super easy to buy unneeded items just to feel something new and different, especially in this weird state of uncertainty. This week (and hopefully the rest of quarantine/maybe life) I will resist the urge to purchase anything other than essentials. 

  • Hannah Auld's avatar
    Hannah Auld 5/11/2020 3:12 PM
    Hey all! My brother and I go running on a trail that is down the hill from my house. Coincidentally, a we pass by a market on our way back, which is where my family does the majority of our grocery shopping. We are going to try and do a large chunk of the food shopping on our way back from our run. Cancelling out at least a few car rides, when the market is easily accessibly by foot. Also, it will be an added workout I suppose. 

  • Hannah Auld's avatar
    Hannah Auld 5/06/2020 4:03 PM
    Hey all! I have been making it a point to remember to bring an extra bag with me when I walk my dogs, to pick up any litter I see around my neighborhood. Also, with people going outside and walking more, I have definitely seen many new faces I have never seen before. 

  • Hannah Auld's avatar
    Hannah Auld 4/28/2020 3:20 PM
    I also want to share this informative video I found on YouTube! 

  • Hannah Auld's avatar
    Hannah Auld 4/28/2020 3:19 PM
    Hey all! For this weeks eco-challenge, I watched The Story of Bottled Water. I remember growing up and always having a reusable water bottle. Only in those rare occasions, if we went camping or something, we would have bottled or bought the gallon jugs of water. It was super interesting to learn that water bottling companies were the ones who put on the facade of tap water being contaminated and "unsafe to drink". Granted, you should do research in your area to determine if your tap water is safe to drink but for the most part, it is. In the video, it said, "In the US, tap water in underfunded by $24 billion. Partly, because people think drinking water only comes from a bottle". If we shifted this mentality, and funded more adequately, we could drastically reduce the amount of plastic bottles being produced and polluting out Earth. 

  • Hannah Auld's avatar
    Hannah Auld 4/22/2020 3:24 PM
    Side note: We have been getting a lot of rain here in California and the grass in my backyard is very happy about it. 

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    Hannah Auld 4/22/2020 3:15 PM
    Hey all! Starting on Monday I have been eating vegan meals, and will continue through Sunday. I am vegetarian already, but want to see how I feel being completely vegan. I have tried this last year for a couple months and just didn't do it correctly so I felt pretty weak. However, in this quarantine, I have ample time to find nutritious, and protein packed vegan meals. I very much have a sweet tooth, so I wanted to share a recipe I found for vegan blueberry muffins. Hope you enjoy! 

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    Hannah Auld 4/15/2020 1:14 PM
    Hey all! Since it has been so nice outside here in CA, I have been making it a point to sit outside in the sun and do something creative. Whether it be writing, reading, or just listening to music. As well as, practicing gratitude for the where I live, my health, and the health of my loved ones. Especially with my roof being re-done right now, getting away from the noise and just focusing on myself has really helped me to stay motivated through this weird time. 

  • Hannah Auld's avatar
    Hannah Auld 4/09/2020 1:39 PM
    Hey all! Just thought I would share this simple recipe I made for making your own chapstick! My skin is super sensitive and the main lip moisturizer I have used was Vaseline (which isn't the most healthy because of the petroleum). I repurposed a small tin that had makeup in it, and whisked together about a tablespoon of shea butter and then about a half teaspoon of almond oil. Works great!