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    Kobie Arnold 1/13/2022 4:05 AM
    Yesterday evening I explored a nature path in my neighborhood but left my phone at home. Next time I will definitely bring it along so I can capture the moment. All in all, the path was extremely short and contained mostly poison oak than anything else. It would be nice to see my city revamp the area and put lights along the path to make it more inviting. There's even a large area where a building was originally going to be built but they never got it approved, so there's a bunch of overgrowth now. I think they should definitely incorporate the area into the nature walk and make it longer. It would certainly be more enjoyable this way.

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      amy minato 1/13/2022 9:14 AM
      Kobie  Careful about that poison oak!  Maybe you could write the city about restoring that area? Sometimes its good to go out without your phone..