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Jung MIn Park

capstone summer 20

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Jung MIn's Actions

Visions of Sustainability

Support a Sharing Economy

I will create or support a sharing economy with family, friends, and neighbors.

One-Time Action

Consumption and Economy

Track my Purchases

I will maintain a record of all my purchases.

One-Time Action


Car Share

I will sign up for a car-sharing service, or organize car sharing with my neighbors, to cut down on the number of vehicles on the road.

One-Time Action


Pick Up Litter

I will pick up litter on my street and ask others to join me in taking care of our neighborhood.

One-Time Action

Ecological Principles

Recycle Everything I Can

I will recycle all materials that are accepted by local haulers or drop stations in my community this week.

One-Time Action

A Call to Sustainability

Explore My Area

I will explore at least one new hiking trail or nature walk in my area.

One-Time Action


Visit a Local Farm

I will visit a nearby farm to pick my own fruits and veggies.

One-Time Action


Use Reusable Bottles

I will use a reusable bottle and stop purchasing bottled water, saving 4 disposable plastic bottle(s) each day this week.

One-Time Action


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    Jung MIn Park 7/14/2020 2:00 PM
    Even before taking this class, I have been tracking my spending habit through an app on my smartphone. One big reason I prefer using cards instead of cash is that it is so much easier to track how I spent my money monthly. So far my July spending breaks down into $175 services (Portland Art Tax for all of my family) because I used to live in City of Portland that is 30.77% of my total spending for July, $126.65 restaurants and groceries which is 22.27% of total, and $124.94 vehicle services such as gas, insurance and car wash which is 21.97% of total, and $113.95 personal use like doctors visit and merchandise which makes up the rest 20 % of my spending. This is for both my sister and I, we share responsibility on the things we share together.  

    This way, I can review it at the end of every month and check to see if any improvement can be made for the next month. I think I am doing okay so far this month. 

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    Jung MIn Park 7/14/2020 1:47 PM
    My sister and I have been sharing a car to commute. I will drop my sister off at work in the morning. While she is at work, I can use the car to get groceries, go to doctor's visit ect., and I pick her up later in the day from her work. Due to COVID-19, we do not travel as much so it allowed us to save gas too. I have a bike I can ride on so I will try to bike once I get familiar with the road around my new neighborhood. 

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    Jung MIn Park 7/14/2020 1:42 PM
    One thing I need to make my neighborhood cleaner was to pick up other dogs' litter. We have lots of dogs around my neighborhood and I sometime notice litters unpicked on the street. I have a leash that is attached with a roller litter bags which helps me not to forget bringing bags to pick up my dogs' litter. I also use decomposable litter bags to avoid using plastic bags which will only be used once to pick up the litter. 

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    Jung MIn Park 7/14/2020 1:37 PM
    Taking this class made me feel guilty about how much trash I collect weekly. One challenge I did was to limit myself with one bag of trash bag for the entire week including recyclable things. I take out my trash every Thursday and I still have lots of room for this week which I am proud of. One thing I tried was buying less grocery for the week. If I buy less, I produce less. I also reused the bottles and containers to store the left overs in order to reduce waste. One hardship I faced was the boxes. I had some packages from the stuff I ordered online and I just couldn't come up with one idea to reuse those.  

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    Jung MIn Park 7/14/2020 1:30 PM
    Today morning before class, I took a short walk with my dog in Rock Creek trails which is a 5 minute drive from my home and 20 minutes by walking. It was emotionally therapeutic since it is difficult to get out and get fresh air due to COVID-19. The weather was perfect for a walk, not too cold and not too hot. Having a time off from my phone and being surrounded by trees and grass gave me a chance to appreciate what nature has to offer. I loved it! 

    • Sai Kiersarsky's avatar
      Sai Kiersarsky 7/14/2020 6:20 PM
      Yes! The glory of nature is one of the best reasons to be in Portland.

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    Jung MIn Park 7/06/2020 11:54 PM
    This weekend, I visited a community garden near my home. I noticed a parking lot in the middle of nowhere in recent moved residence and I was so curious to find out what the place was. I found out that it was actually a community garden where people in the community gather to grow a variety of fresh vegetable to donate to neighbors in need. I hope to participate once I get settled to my new home. 

    • Jung MIn Park's avatar
      Jung MIn Park 7/14/2020 1:25 PM
      Sai: Yeah I've been noticing lots of community gardens in many communities lately. I think they have been built long time ago but I just went passed by without noticing they are there lol. Taking this class opened my eyes to those community movements I think. 

      Amy: It is located in Rock Creek in Bethany along with a beautiful walking path. I am excited to participate in the garden soon!

      Teresa: Thanks! You should look up your neighborhood too. I'm sure there is at least one you can visit near you! 

    • Sai Kiersarsky's avatar
      Sai Kiersarsky 7/14/2020 9:03 AM
      There's one near my house too! I've been developing a green thumb at my house due to quarantine, so I'm interested in learning how I can participate in the community garden!

    • Placeholder avatar for unknown participant
      amy minato 7/07/2020 6:20 PM
      what a great project! Where is it located?

    • Teresa Campos-Ortiz's avatar
      Teresa Campos-Ortiz 7/07/2020 12:12 AM
      That's awesome! 

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    Jung MIn Park 6/25/2020 11:55 AM
    I used stainless steal cups and silicon straws at home to reduce plastic bottle and straw usage. I carried a tumbler around whenever I have to go outside, avoiding any drinks in plastic bottle. By not purchasing sugary drinks, I was able to save the plastic bottle used for the drink, save money, and also prevent negative impact on my health from consuming lots of sugar. 

    • Placeholder avatar for unknown participant
      amy minato 6/29/2020 2:29 PM
      Jung Min do your cups have lids?  good thinking about the sugar

    • Laura Standley's avatar
      Laura Standley 6/27/2020 8:56 AM
      Great job! :)