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  • Erik Gicker 4/19/2019 8:08 AM
    CSL 4 Water

    I live in the Mid-Atlantic watershed. Specifically the 02070010 watershed in Northern Virginia. Pollution and drought and common water concerns in the area. My watersheds geographic boundaries are the Appalachian Mountains, Potomac River, and the Chesapeake Bay. The closest body of water to me is the Occoquan reservoir and Great Falls National Park. There are man-made lakes and ponds in the area. There is Lake Braddock and Reston Lake. Towns and communities are built around them. My tap water does come from the watershed. The water in my watershed is treated and also drains into the ocean. 

  • Ruth Heath 4/19/2019 7:35 AM
    In reference to transportation, I have biked to local stores a couple times, preventing more CO2 emissions. Also, my kids and I biked to their dental check up, and we lowered our carbon footprint, got exercise, and spent time together. 

  • Ruth Heath 4/18/2019 3:56 PM
    I served at the Marine Museum promoting the water cleaning utility organization for PWC, and the use of tap water instead of bottled drinking water. 

  • Marcy D. 4/16/2019 8:33 PM
    Re: "Practice Gratitude for Earth".
    A challenge of these Eco-Challenges is incorporating them into daily routines. This week, I find time and space for this gratitude by walking from the main campus to my West Campus parking spot (instead of waiting for and riding the shuttle). To imagine a potential outcome from exploring these moments of gratitude: when I take any sustainability-related action that is outside my zone of comfort/convenience/habit, maybe I will be more open to understanding that action as not just an outward behavior, but as another way of connecting to the rest of nature, to expanded ideas of community, etc on a personal, internal level.

  • Marcy D. 4/15/2019 3:03 PM
    I am vegetarian, but will inch slightly closer to vegan this week by not adding animal products like cheese to my food. I will not (yet) exclude processed foods that have small amounts of milk or eggs, though.

  • Haley Haasch 4/12/2019 9:09 AM
    CSL 3 Food Reflection

    What surprised me most about my food habits is how much meat I consume. In theory, I try to only have meat with one meal a day, usually dinner, but this week I've been really busy and unable to take a proper grocery trip and have just been eating what I can find at home or my roommates leftovers, which has been a lot of chicken. Though I consumed a lot of meat, I was satisfied with the amount of vegetables I've been consuming, I've really been making an effort to eat more vegetables and I've been able to incorporate them into (almost) every meal. Some things I would like to change is my meat consumption, I would really like to stick to only having it with one meal a day, then gradually reducing it with the goal of veganism. I'm already dairy-free so the hard part (giving up cheese lol) is already passed for me and I think its an achievable goal. I would also like to buy more locally grown produce, though it is often hard to find and more expensive. 

  • Haley Haasch 4/12/2019 8:45 AM
    CSL 1 reflection (better late than never!)

    I am hoping to gain (and have gained) a better understanding of the opportunities available in my community that work towards sustainability and pertain to the SDGs. I want to learn more about the campus' energy usage and how that what they are doing to move towards renewables. A behavior I would like to change is how much I drive, I live far from campus so it would take a very long time to use public transportation, but I could use it more when traveling places closer to home. Something I can contribute to my group is my willingness to learn and change, I know I have a ways to go in terms of becoming more sustainable but I want to remedy that :)

  • Haley Haasch 4/12/2019 8:25 AM
    This week I watched Food Inc with my roommate, though I know it is a bit outdated and definitely biased, I still learned a lot about different food industries and the inhumane and unsustainable practices behind them. My roommate knows very little about the food industry and was floored by the film.

  • Erik Gicker 4/04/2019 7:30 PM
    CSL 3 Food 

    I eat meat at least once a day. It use to be worse because it use to be every meal. Now I only eat fruit in the morning or drink fluids. For lunch I usually try to eat what I have at home after I come home class. Most people in my family we eat a lot of beans, rice, and various soups. They don't each much meat and if they do its usually chicken. Dinner time is when I usually eat meat. I did notice I did not eat any pork and only ate red meat 3 times this week. When I was younger I would eat a lot more red meat and pork. I eat more seafood now and overall I am trying to cut down on all meat. I would like to cut down on meat even more than I do now. I only ate out 3 times this week. I enjoy cooking and want to make more time for it. 

  • Erik Gicker 4/04/2019 6:44 AM
    CSL 7 Consumption and the Economy 

    In the DMV there is a lot of people. We consume and produce so much waste of various kinds. Food is a big producer or waste. Whether people are going to the grocery store or eating out they spend money to do so. Many places are chains or franchises that may be cheap but for a reason. Most of their profit does not stay in the community. By spending money on a local business you invest in your community. World economy is built on monopolies and big companies McDonalds and Coca Cola but local economies are built on local business. McDonalds is also not good for your health. I personally don't eat there or most fast food places. Overall Im trying to consume less in all areas of my life. Shopping at a farmers market is another example and way or investing in your local community and economy. Every-time we spend money we are voting with our pocket. When we buy something we are saying we stand behind this item. If something sells and there is high profit that will drive the economy. We can say no to things that are produced poorly and impact our environment negatively. If we can consume smarter and vote with our pocket we can have a more positive impact on the economy.