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A Call to Sustainability

Talk To Others

I will tell 1 people why sustainability is important to me and what my vision for a sustainable world is.

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A Call to Sustainability

Watch a Documentary

I will watch a movie about a sustainability issue I would like to know more about.

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A Call to Sustainability

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I will sign petitions in support of an environmental or social initiative in my state.

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    cain sotelo 11/08/2019 10:02 AM
    Cain sotelo 
    Rhonda Crespo 
    F block

    In my area there is a very low opportunity of jobs because its not as close to the city. There is more houses  the business by where I live not much work only sometimes construction. For education there is a 70% of people to graduate in four years of school. In my higher percentage i have 76% of people having higher power line speed which means that some people get over megabytes per second.

  • cain  sotelo's avatar
    cain sotelo 8/30/2019 11:51 AM
    I watched a documentary about global warming and the ICE birds are melting due to the sun over heating . Also if the oceans rise by 2 degrees many cities by the oceans may get flooded.

    • Rhonda Crespo's avatar
      Rhonda Crespo 9/02/2019 7:33 AM
      Sounds good Cain. Can you give us some more details about the name of the movie and where they were documenting? 

  • cain  sotelo's avatar
    cain sotelo 8/19/2019 1:30 PM
    Name cain sotelo 

    What do you hope to gain from this course? 
    To learn about sustainability and how to prevent the oceans from rising and climate change. Big cities like Miami, Florida, California and New York  are in danger because if the ocean rises by 2 degrees the ocean can rise and these big cities can get flooded. There's an iceberg greenland is now gone because of how hot the earth is getting and how all the  ice is melted. One hour from mexico city there's a volcano and it can erupt in mexico city might have to evacuate the city and I want to learn about that as well. I want to learn about what I can do to change the future climate and have healthy world with no dangers.

    Name at least one goal each from something you want to learn?
    I want to learn about climate change and what can I do to help the earth to prevent from falling apart in some years or decades. 

    List one behavior you want to change to be more sustainable and something you can contribute to the group?
     One behavior I want to change is pick up plastic and trash and recycle. Also to eat less red meat because that would help more climate because they don't have to waste gallons of water growing grass lands for them and we can use that for more people for their needs at home.