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Chris Molinar

capstone winter 22

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A Call to Sustainability

Explore My Area

I will explore at least one new hiking trail or nature walk in my area.

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    Chris Molinar 1/13/2022 9:16 AM
    My choices for sustainable living are going rather good. It felt nice to explore a nature trail near my area and feel connected to my environment and not be attached to an electronic device. To smell the air and greet people near by fun, likewise to see wildlife just coexist. 

    • Daniel Tapia Silva's avatar
      Daniel Tapia Silva 1/13/2022 11:51 AM
      Chris, this resonates with me. I've been trying to cut down the time I spend on my phone and go outside to exercise or just enjoy the scenery as well over winter break. Definitely helps you refresh. 

    • amy minato's avatar
      amy minato 1/13/2022 9:33 AM
      Chris glad you are feeling better and getting outside