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  • javier marquez 11/08/2019 7:12 AM
    in the city were i grow up  i was not to surprised to fined out that the the percentage of livability was only 48. espanola  is very remote their  is a lot of poverty and drug use in my community. in my community the amount of smokers is high and the percentage of opportunity is ex-trimly  slime   there is only a 17 rate of opportunity.  

  • javier marquez 9/25/2019 3:52 PM

    Javier Marquez-almeida
    block F
    9/25/19                                                                                    ecological foot print

    In the Eco foot print calculate my results were shocking i was expecting my ecological foot print to be lower . it would take 2.9 earths  just to sustain my because of my life style. if every one in the world had the same life style as me the world would only last a couple of month's. There is a couple of things i could change about my life style. I could buy more local food  try to grow my own crops. this would reduces some of the carbon dioxide  of the atmosphere that is created by trucks.
    this shows us that even  the things we do that we think are normal affect the world in some way or another. this just shows us that there is a big Chang we need to do to protect the earth  and to give the planet its time to replenish and fix what we have destroyed. we could do this by binge more smart about the things we do and  think of how something  is going to effect the Eco system.

  • javier marquez 8/16/2019 12:55 PM
    I hope to gain the skill necessary to take care of the environment.  I hope this  class will show me what thing effect the environment the most and what  we could do to fix the damage we done to the Earth and prevent further damage by being more careful by were I throw trash. I also want to learn things we could do to lower the  amount of green house gases in the Earth's atmosphere.I also want to learn all the valuable skills it takes to help the Earth and its air quality . I also want to become more responsible be not leaving all the lights in the house on and be turning off the water when I am not using it. I want to contribute to the team by giving it my best and not letting them down by failing and I also want to contribute to the society by recline plastic bags, glass canters and aluminum cans and instead of throwing away leftovers i could always just  compost them. The compost i could use it to grow my own vegetables. If i see trash trow on the floor i could always pick it up and throw it away were it belongs.